Nathan Billington
3D Animation Student


Grandpa Rhino (0:04-0:55) A breakdown of my Grandpa Rhino character, personal project in progress. Showcases my sculpting, modeling and character design skills. Facial wrinkles are a combination of natural human wrinkles and those wrinkles present on the rhinoceros; hand-painted in Autodesk Mudbox. Basic animation is shown to demonstrate the base mesh’s ability to deform correctly for desired motion. Autodesk Maya, Mudbox, Adobe Photoshop.

The Geckuana (0:55-1:59) A breakdown of my Geckuana, a reptile that resembles the combination of a Gecko and Iguana. Personal Project, in progress. Showcases modeling and character design skills, as well as a hand-painted displacement map. The scales were all painted in Adobe Photoshop as a grayscale map, then used as a displacement map in Maya upon render. Created basic rig for short keyframed animation sequence. Autodesk Maya, Mudbox, Maxon BodyPaint, Adobe Photoshop.

Mechanical Arm (1:59-2:10) This was my first modelling assignment at CU Denver. Mechanical arm, original design, using NURBS modelling.

Aeta the Fox (2:10-2:38) This was my final for my Character class sophomore year. Showcases character design and fur via the Shave-and-a-haircut node.

1969 Chevelle SS (2:39-2:52) This was my second modelling assignment at CU Denver. Created blueprints off observations of several 69 Chevelle SS's due to lack of available blueprints.

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