I was invited by Sigur Rós as a part of their "mystery film experiment", to create an original video for a track of my own choise from their new album Valtari. So my choice was to be varúð.

I would love to have your support on this film in the "mystery film experiment":

It was a joyful event when the mail from Sigur Rós, with an invitation, appeared in my mail inbox a day in june 2012. I have been waiting for many years to use some of my selected photographies in a way that they deserve. In my humble way I hope to reach out with my video to all people who loves what the light does to us, and how it affects our days and nights here on mother earth. Connecting us to the stars in the sky like guiding lights.
The big oceans are often used as symbol of epic journeys, often guided by the lighthouses and the stars.

Music: varúð, by Sigur Rós

Photography and video: by Svenn Dvergastein

Thanks Sigur Rós !

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