1 Displaying end section of 5 ply timber platform 33 x 11.5in. Carpenters 5/8 wood dowel 33in.

2 Carriage edge bearing on wood dowel. White Teflon Tape on edge of carriage, (Plumbers Pipe Thread Sealing Tape) For low friction contact.

3 Lubricate Platform & Carriage bearing surfaces with Baby Powder (French Chalk)

4 1/4in Mushroom head mounting screw. Note recessed hole to hide screw head.

5 Teflon Tape wound around carriage base to form a bearing surface. I started with 2 strips of cardboard, then wound teflon tape over cardboard.

6 Teflon tape around edges, this forms bearing surface on contact with wooden dowel rod. All about reducing friction.

7 Engineers Spirit Level on platform. Check both axis for level.

8 3/8in Mounting Stud (1/4 are too weak)

9 Showing Carriage edge bearing on dowel stick (Dust Dowel with French Chalk)

10 Slider mounted on table. Can angle Platform if required. Try direct mounting camera to carriage, less shake.

Carriage dimensions approx. 5x4x7/8in dressed timber. Camera mount ball head, Velbon PH-263Q.

Rig OK for 5dmk2, Canon Vixia HV20/30 HF10/100 or Panasonic Lumix GH1 !!!

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