See images of the final piece here:

At least once in our lives we have all had to let go of something we truly love. Whether it be a pet, personal object or in some cases, loved ones. This piece is my interpretation of the sun. The sun brings life and also represents happiness, warmth and energy. When letting go of something or someone we truly love, sometimes it is okay to celebrate their lives along with mourning. This piece represents the warmth and love I have received from those I have had to let go of.

How much yarn was used and how long did it take?
-400+ skeins
-1,400+ strands at 32 feet
-82 miles worth of yarn
-3 months to complete

See images of the final piece here:

Time lapse by:
Ryan Lee / Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Photos by :
Amanda Hankerson / Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Jayme Halbritter for Minneapolis Institute of Arts

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