This is Jonathan's section from the 2007 DVD release of MASH-SF. He went on the Tour of California trip this spring, and It was inspiring to spend 9 days with him on the bike. Look for a new video later this summer.

The MASH project DVD includes the full-length MASH SF feature, over an hour of bonus material, plus a 120 page behind-the-scenes book with exclusive photos and interviews.

"Pushing 78.8 gears inches and one cog to the top of Twin Peaks Boulevard at the apex of San Francisco demands intensely reflexive handling techniques as it lurches forward and propels itself downhill at a 12 degree angle.

The topography of this city presents a daunting trial to those that defy its slopes. Each pedal revolution peels back another layer of fog as hundreds of faces become muddled blurs in the saddle. Here, thick tires and sharpened skills are rewarded with a cityscape that dips and twists across seven miles of painted Victorians, rolling parkways, and weathered roads. This is San Francisco.

We chose the bike because it’s our link to the City, our ear to the street, and a tool to propel us across its canvas. The staying power of theses vehicles is both progressive and essential, but at its core, the crux of the ride is not defined by headbadges or photographs, but by the freedom to move independently without limits or boundaries."

MASH is a testament to the efficiency of the frame, wheels, cockpit, and drivetrain that carry us through SF’s labyrinth of lanes, alleys, and everywhere in between. This video recognizes those who have inspired us with their unique presence in the streets, who have an accelerated style of riding bikes built for the track but tailored for daily abuse. The synthesis of this video sprang from a desire to show the world how these locals take ownership of San Francisco’s dense landscape and display an incredible amount of focus, fluidity, and grace in the process.

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