Custom X enters a new phase as we launch our new “Shapers Series”.

The Custom X “Shapers Series” is a culmination of our 21 years of knowledge in bodyboarding manufacturing to produce finely hand crafted templates for the next generation of bodyboarders.

The “Shapers Series” fuses the proven knowledge of our world class shapers together with continual feedback from our experienced professional bodyboard team, to design functional templates using the highest quality and innovative materials with established manufacturing and shaping techniques. The 2009/2010 will include all new models specifically designed to suit your needs. These will include:

CXC – Concave : Sculpted into the bottom of the board to create superior control, the concave increases speed and sensitivity to responsiveness.

CXV – Versatile : A proven template shaped to meet the needs of those who like to mix it up on the knee as well as prone.

CXR – Retro : The old school look with the mix of a modern shape and new school colours. Bringing the best of the past mixed with the future.

ADAM LUEHMAN : Luehmans new and improved template is for the next generation of big wave and big air riders. This is designed for high performance, quick response and big air attacks.

Our Shapers have focused on how your bodyboards materials and construction combine with different design techniques & innovations to provide optimal performance. The 2009 range sees the intro duction of the revolutionary Engineered Flex Core (EFC), a core that mimics the flex of PE perfectly, a one piece core with the added advantages of having superior memory, recoil and projection properties.

This has resulted in the release of our 2009 / 2010 range, featuring the quality assurance of our new “Shapers Series” insignia to confirm you have chosen a superior product backed by the worlds No.1 Shaping team and bodyboarding label.

This year the range is back by an all new team, including Adam Luehman, Ewan Donnachie, Lee Szczepanski, Rusty Friesen, and Curtis Parter.

This little clip was produced thanks to our friends at “Pastiche”, the makers of the Claws & Teeth DVD.

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