We are on an expedition in Ibiza and Formentera to create a photographic book about the Ibiza Wall Lizard. That means we have to drive, hike, wade, swim or boat to small islands throughout the archipelago to capture the diversity of colors and behaviors of this amazing species. This short film is the first of several video updates about our adventures here in Spain's Pityuses Archipelago.

Film by: Neil Losin & Nate Dappen

Featuring: Nate Dappen, Neil Losin, Liz Losin, & Amanda Miesnieks

Additional Photography by: Liz Losin & Amanda Miesnieks

Riding the Banshee - by Dano (danosongs.com)
Let Me Be: by SJ -Album: Coffee (sjacoustic.com)
That Is All: by SJ -Album: Coffee ( sjacoustic.com)

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