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Dedicate this song to Athlete's Worldwide! The men and women who work tirelessly to be the best Athlete they can be.

All That I Am

Stand tall
The stillness of my heart
Hears the call

The vision of my life
The dreams that never die
Have finally found the miracle inside

One voice
Echoes through the world
All rejoice

With every breath I take
There's a promise that I make
To see the light and always keep the faith

CHORUS: All that I am
Is the spirit of you
When you give that moment, my moment of truth
All that I am
Comes shining through
The power's in my hands
With all that I am

I rise
Beyond the road of hope
As I fly
Upon these wings of gold
The fire that I hold
Keeps the passion burning in my soul


bridge: The flame that never dies
is reaching for the sky
lighting my way through the dark


Written by Arlene Matza, Jon Jackson, Marty Irwin
Alethea Music, Dolphin's Dream, Irwin Music

Jamie Cooke, Lizzie Armistead, Simon Mantell, Pete Reed, Dani King, Fran Halsall, Judith Hamer, Ben Ainslie, Richard Chambers, Helen Jenkins, Aaron Phipps, Lawrence Okoye, David Florence, Richard Faulds, Nick Dempsey, Natasha Jonas, Chris Adcock, Khalid Yafai, Anna Watkins, Perri Shakes-Drayton, Ashley Jackson, Chris Tomlinson, Will Clarke, Katherine Driscoll, Jonathan Fox, Crista Cullen, Victoria Pendleton, Rachel Cawthorn, Helen Glover, Keri-Anne Payne, Sarah Stevenson, Jenna Randall, Daniel Purvis, Freyja Prentice, Campbell Walsh, William Fox-Pitt, Dave Roberts, Peter Kirkbride, Nicola Adams, Kate Walsh, Tim Stockdale, Jenny Meadows, Simon Terry. Liam Phillips, Tony Grisman, Tim Brabants, Savannah Marshall, Lee Pearson, Liam Tancock, Beth Tweddle, Emma Pooley, Barry Middleton, Rebecca Adlington, Tom Aggar, Dai Greene, Nathan Robertson, Euan Burton, Lisa Dobriskey, Alistair Brownlee, Ryan Lochte, Maya Moore, Steven Lopez,

The Olympic Committee has chosen the Muse's song "Survival" but this song is a timeless anthem that will inspire all forever.

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