Hi I’m here with Jessica Kourliouros from RIC

RIC, yes did I get it right?


Jessica than you so much for having Social Syntax, nAblement, SPR Companies here today. I wanted to learn a little more about what was behind the idea for the Industry exploration day event?

Yeah, it’s been going on for quite a few years. I took over a couple of years ago. And it’s just a chance for our jobseekers with disabilities to come and interface and get that one on one connection with employers, HR reps, who are out there because so many times—I also run the job placement program with RIC, and so many times it’s just filling out online applications to no response and a lot of our clients have been out of work for years depending on their disability or [their] accident or injury, so it’s just a chance to kind of make that personal connection and to network a bit which is part of finding a job.

What keeps you personally involved with the program?

Well, I am employed by RIC. [laughter] I run the job placement program and also the voc[actional] rehab counselors, I work at one of the day rehabs as well for people who are going through the intensive day rehabilitation. I help them kind of transition out of rehab back to work and personally I’ve just always volunteered and been involved with helping people with disabilities and I found my passion in grad school and here I am!

Thank you so much for taking a little time to speak with us today.

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