The musical interplay.

Visuals to trip to. Made on my iPAD.

A compilation of eclectic/ trill wave/ groovy/ sophisti-slap/ for your listening pleasure. This is an interactive series. I encourage you to fall like rain out of the social networking cloud and create new puddles of entertainment while jamming to this mix. Try something new for once.

Download mix :
Stream mix :

directed by: @Nai_vasha
artwork by: @Nai_vasha
photography by: @janDOTferrer
mixed by : @erwinSpinueva

Track list :

J*DaVeY - Queen of Wonderland
Miguel - ... All
Jai Paul - BTSTU
Taz Arnold w/ Brook D'Leau - Hafta Holla
Thundercat - Boat Cruise
Lauryn Hill - Joyful Joyful
O'Spada - Hide and Seek
Trackademicks - RADical
Havana - In Touch
Mike Baker the Bike Maker - The Chase
Defsound feat Nikko Gray - Bird.i.view
1 O.A.K. - Tell Me What You Want
Mark De Clive-Lowe - ( Just Wanna )

with thoughts and isms by Naivasha

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