Sculpture Machine (work in process)

There is a German custom to melt lend predicting the future for the flowing year, on new years eve. Life runs faster, labor more and more flexible and the daily routine gets stuck into neutral pragmatism. Probably one of the reasons for the boom of TV shows presenting fortune tellers as life managers. The fortuneteller hotline establishes itself especially since the internet pornography took over the “sex-hotline”. There seems to be a need for re mystification of small parts of life.

There is a social perception that connects studying art either to a “career” as an interesting wife or to become an other welfare case. If it comes down to art, especially the acquisition of art, the question about how to continue becomes essential. Depending on a marked and making the own concepts suitable for potential waiting rooms, going into the battle for scholarships and competitions against all the others, get lost in side jobs, that sometimes not even pay for the rent, or giving up are the most common developments in the time after the protected time of university studio space.

Selling little sculptures in a way of micro-mass-production I deal with an other idea of surviving. The machine is melting tin and pours the melted metal into a bowl of water, which creates the sculpture according to the principle of “Bleigießen”. Bleigießen is the German custom, to predict the future on new years eve.

The process starts if a viewer becomes active and pays. The process of melting and pouring can be watched. Next to the sculpture machine is a cigaretten machine, selling certificates, that attest the sculpture to be an original piece of art, and packaging for the sculptures. The price for the sculpture and the packaging certificate are equal.

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