A group exhibition by Christoph Brech, Klaus vom Bruch, Johannes Evers, Thomas Steffl & Susanne Wagner.
From July 6th - August 4th at the AJLart VIDEORAUM - Scharnhorststr. 31, 10115 Berlin (Mitte)
For more infos check out: ajlart.com

Eat meat - stay away from sausages
It is not about the digitally manipulated,
It is about the pure
The main task is the conception and construction
The camera captures
The creation of the pictures is decipherable
Performative acts are the basis
The video camera flattens them into the 2-dimensional
The subject determines the gaze
Pure bodies are a form of garment
Performers do not function as actors
They are themselves
Sources are tapped into
The Now demand elements in the present
Political statements go along with social ones
Only absorb what is there
Waiting, combining and connecting
Exhibition art
Each context sees a different form

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