This is my license video for my faculty. Basically after I pass this "exam" I will have my 3 years diploma.

I decided to do a "Tilt-Shift" video for my town Timişoara, România.
I know it's not as great as the other tilt-shift videos out there but I'm about 70% happy about it. Some of the cool locations in my town where inaccessible and because I was pressured by time I had to cut it short.

Music is by Tomáš Dvořák - The Bottom.
It's the soundtrack from Machinarium. An awesome game with an awesome soundtrack. Check it out!

Filmed with a Canon 7D.
Kit Lens: 18-135 (because I wanted to have more flexibilty with zoom, etc)
A lot of the clips are shoot from my hand. I had to use a "shakiness" reduction software.

Thank You for watching


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