This is a digital dance/theatre piece that merges graphic and choreographic human movement analysis (Marey-Laban) to explore questions of dimensionality, rationality and processes of self-emergence derived from computerised automation (cellular automata). Using generative video technology as well as interactive software, we embark on an embodied discovery of dimensionality and n-dimensionality to outreach the thresholds of movement rationality.

Direction: Nicolas Salazar Sutil

Choreography and dance: Sarah Rogers and Angelina Jandolo

Interactive software design and sound: Max Worgan

Generative video: Sebastian Melo

Lighting: Aaron Walker

Production manager: Dave Hockham
Performace recorded on Ivy Arts Centre, University of Surrey, Guildford, June 19-20 2012

Special thanks to Elias Heuninck for providing assistance with slit-scan code on MAX/Jitter.

Running time: 40 min

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