Live, Love and Laugh was Alex and Jan's wedding theme which suited them very well. They both really live their lives to the maximum, love each other, their family and everyone around them a lot and certainly laugh all the time throughout the day. Jan has the sweetest smile and you will notice that she smiles very freely before breaking out into an infectious laughter with all the happiness around her.

The day went very smoothly and I couldn't ask for a better weather. The bridal party was also awesome and very fun to be around with especially during the gate crashing games. The highlight of the day was definitely the speeches during the reception. I love how Jan's dad talks about her persevering through school life and her best friend recollecting why Alex fell for her during their younger days.

Thanks so much Alex and Jan for having me capture your wedding. I wish you guys all the blessings for your marriage and hope that you guys will cherish this film for many many years to come.

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Much thanks to Stanley and Daryl for assisting me.

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