In Canada, British Columbia is one of only two provinces that does not have an endangered species law. Yet the province is home to more wild plant and animal species than any other province in Canada. Alarmingly, 1,900 species are on the provincial species at risk list. One of them is the Western Rattlesnake, federally listed in Canada as Threatened.

In the Summer and Fall 2011, we travelled to the Osoyoos region, the only desert ecosystem in Canada, to make a video of the Northern Pacific Rattlesnake (Crotalus oreganus oreganus) for the Wilderness Committee. We documented a research project initiated by Thompson Rivers University, focusing on the impact of urban development on the habitat and migration routes of rattlesnakes in the Osoyoos desert. We filmed and photographed the snakes, their habitat, and the threats they are faced with.
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Video directed by Mike Mckinlay and Isabelle Groc
Camera by Mike Mckinlay
Research, story and interview by Isabelle Groc
Editing and music by George Faulkner

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