Jorinde Voigt works on scores and notations that relate to contexts of our civilisation and their environment. They incorporate elements of equal value, some of which are exclusively imaginary, while others can be translated into reality by means of a real action or as a programming structure.

Temporally and formally, the score and its situational translation into reality correspond to logic and proportions of their own. This is based on the most important fundamental structures of her work: discovering a structure or means of notation that behaves in the most energetic way possible, since she is observing something that is alive. These are rhythmic permeations or the overlap of autonomous rhythms (pulse, beat, proportionally decreasing or increasing duration, volume, distance, speed, etc.) and the complexity of interference resulting from them, as well as a reflection and de-clination (minimising and maximising) of culturally typical norms and structures of convention.

The intention is to work out a combination of research, scores, notations and a concert in collaboration with the composers Patric Catani and Chris Imler.

Jorinde Voigt (Concept and Scores)
Patric Catani (Composer)
Chris Imler (Composer)
Anna Zett (Writer/Research)
André Marose (Project Assistant)

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