This is a test comp made with footage from I mainly did it to figure out a workflow between Blender and Nuke; and I assure you, having an integrated solution like Blender saves a LOT of headaches ;D. And yes, I know that the matchmove is shocking, and that there are matte lines, and that the lighting sucks, and that there are terribly inadequate shadows, but I've been working on it for waaaay too long and I wanted to finish it.

The chairs were made by Dajon ( from, and all other assets were self done.

Stuff learned: Smaller pipelines equal a faster workflow, Nukes IBK keyer is fantastic for uneven greenscreens, and good edges and hard interior mattes rarely come in one pass.

Software used:
Blender (matchmove, CG background)
Nuke (keying, final comp)

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