„The World from Dawn till Dusk” is an original project of Polish producers, Mirosław Dembiński and Maciej Drygas, which is based on a number of workshops for film school students organized in various cities all over the world. The students, under the artistic supervision of their professors, for a month work together on a number of documentary films, the protagonist of which is the city itself. In the end a number of documentary films, being the portraits of those cities, will be made, each of them an hour long.

Artistic assumptions
Each student picks an hour slot and looks for a situation, which is taking place just at that time. Each short documentary is a separate entity, having its own dramaturgical construction. At the same time, all of them constitute an hour long documentary.
Every student will come up with a picture of „his hour”, the films of the whole group of students will create the portrait of the city „from dawn till dusk”; all the films being made will describe “the world from dawn till dusk”.

Formal assumptions
The film etudes should be made using the observational method, without staging or provocation, being far from film journalism.
Each film should be 4 - 5 minute long. This time limitation secures the optimal dramaturgical construction and briefness.
Each film, as well as the whole film production, should be constructed using the method – from the detail to the metaphor.

Educational assumptions
The project assumes the cooperation of the tutors and the students in the form of workshops at all stages.

photographic documentation on various sites in the city,
ability to choose projects and present them publicly (pitching),
screenwriting and footage analysis from the perspective of the individual shorts as well as the whole film (individual and group artistic responsibility),
editing with the emphasis on the ability of creating complex layers of the meaning (creating an organic relationship between the picture and the sound).
The scope of the international cooperation

The films are going to be made by the local film school students under the artistic supervision of the Polish documentary makers: Maciej Drygas, Mirosław Dembinski, the lecturers from the Polish National Film School in Lodz, as well as Jacek Bławut, Marcel Lozinski and Vita Zelakeviciute from the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing.
Also the following known documentary makers such as Aleksander Gutman and Aleksander Miroszniczenko from Russia, Uladzimir Kolas from Belarus, Zhong Dafeng from China will participate in the didactic part of the project taking place in respective capitals.

The aim of the international project is:
the exchange of educational experience among the film schools involved in the project;
comparison through the observation of differences and similarities in the cultures of the individual cities and their societies;
the exchange of experiences among the lecturers and students from various schools (both the experience gained during the production of the documentaries, as well as the experiences of cultural and sociological nature).
The project’s final result:
mutual premiere screenings of the whole set of the documentary film etudes “The World from Dawn till Dusk” – in Beijing, Tokyo, Moscow, Minsk and Kiev, as well as in other cities, being a part of the Polish culture promotion abroad in connection with taking up the presidency in the EU by Poland.
producing DVDs with „The World from Dawn till Dusk” project films
film festival presentations and television broadcasts .

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