This performance was part of the conference titled "The Matter of Musical Experimentation" that took place at the University of York Music Department on May 7-8, 2012. I gave a lecture on 're-embodied sound' and wrote/performed this work to drive it's points home. The following is a summary of what took place:

The Department of Music at the University of York has a long-standing interest in practice-based
research, whether in social contexts as with its MA degree in Community Music, in
the extensive research undertaken by PhD composers, or its PhD in performance by
portfolio. The Orpheus Institute, Ghent, is at the forefront of international developments in
artistic research, and the Orpheus Research Centre in Music is the first centre of its kind to
focus its research questions through the perspectives of the artist-researcher.

The present two-day seminar, ‘The Matter of Musical Experimentation’, brings together
expertise from these two institutions, with presentations from doctoral and senior
researchers. We are also delighted to welcome our keynote speaker, Professor Christopher
Fox from Brunel University. This is the third York-ORCiM seminar—the first took place in
2010—and forms part of the ongoing collaboration between the institutions.

The topic of this seminar relates to ORCiM’s 3-year research focus on processes of artistic
experimentation, concentrating on one particular aspect: the (often ambiguous)
relationship between materials and processes. Composers, improvisers and performers
experiment with the materials of music making; with sounds and their qualities, articulation
and duration, technologies and mediating forces, but also with the processes and contexts
of devising, rehearsing and performing and the relationship between sound, action and
perception. This seminar will examine the ways in which these ‘matters’ interrelate with
musical experimentation, conceived variously. What is the impact of creative
experimentation on the understanding of musical materials? On processes for working with
them? To what extent is the nature of experimenting contingent upon the ‘matter’ chosen?
How does one affect the other?

William Brooks & Catherine Laws (co-conveners)
Rob Carruthers and Matt Lawson (administrators)

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