Interview by curator Mark Alice Durant :

"Mark Alice Durant : Another video – Moon Games seems to explore related territory. A woman crawls in the darkness, shaking a twig or a feather. Her gestures seem ritualistic, shamanistic, as if she were tickling the faint greenish moonlight falling on the scene. We eventually see that she is playing with a kitten, with which she proceeds to playfully interact with as they move from deep shadow to faint light. There is something pagan, ancient and mythological about your work. Can you comment on that?

Eva Wollenberg : A very ancient archetype, the black presence in the psyche, often comes to bite and attack me in my dreams. At the beginning I was afraid, then I understood after a while that it had no choice but to wake me up like that when there was some danger in my life and my instincts weakened. The danger can be a person not suitable for me or simply that my creativity is being drained, so it is a protective shadow.

But that specific video is more tender and innocent. While most people sleep, others (like Dersu Uzala, I always call animals “people”, too) feel joy when moon is full, celebrate, play and dance. I love the idea of the artist as some kind of shaman. Jim Morrison was such an artist for example; something possessed him, something archetypal, not completely human anymore. "

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