2006 Australia
Directed by Jamie Howarth

"the 70K crew transformed graffiti in Melbourne, through a combination of prolific tagging and formal innovation … the Herald-Sun noted that, ‘the gang name refers to 1970s kids, because gang members were born in the 1970s’.

70K graffiti contained a number of distinctive elements. Firstly, gang members used abject colour schemes, reversing colours traditionally used for outlines and fill-ins along with combinations of specialist and budget paint, including fluorescent paint.

Secondly, 70K graffiti appeared in unusual places, including CBD rooftops and over advertising billboards. In particular, long rollers and paint applied directly from paint tins were used to produce large-scale tags. At one site, a single vacant office building of 18 floors was relentlessly tagged in every single window, with two graffiti writers carefully alternating tags to form an enormous checkerboard.

Thirdly, 70K graffiti was consistently self-derogatory, incorporating self-deprecating graffiti slang terms such as ‘Toy’, ‘Wak’, and ‘70K Dogs’ into their pieces as well as statements such as ‘Graffiti is boring’.

Fourthly, unlike their graffiti contemporaries, many 70K pieces had a political edge, referencing terrorism, squatting and punk and cultural texts, including the films of Stanley Kubrick and novels by Bret Easton Ellis. "

Lachlan MacDowall, "In Praise of 70K: Cultural Heritage and Graffiti Style," Continuum: The Australian Journal of Media and Culture 20: 4 (December 2006): 471-484

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