Flailing around in the air over Smith Cove park in Seattle.

At the end, right after your hear the battery alarm start to beep, the FPV video completely cuts out. I have the failsafe on my radio RX set to throw the Naza flight controller into it's failsafe mode when it loses signal, so I made a split-second decision to just turn the radio off and let the autopilot land the ship.

The second set of beeps that you hear is the lost model alarm going off, which also happens when the radio goes into failsafe.

It auto-landed pretty well, but it did tip over and keep grinding away for a while, which burned out a speed controller. It was probably the wrong choice to force a failsafe. I should have just ripped the glasses off and landed it manually, since it was pretty much right in front of me anyway, but oh well. Not too bad a crash really!

You can read more background info about my quadcopter project on my blog.


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