The fourth episode learns us more about different sneaker cultures, from ad campaigns for skater boys to haute couture designers who collaborate with brands like Puma and Adidas. The creative director of Puma, John Mollanger, explains how the brand attempts to mix performance and style, but that it is ultimately up to the consumer: "One might buy that shoe to run very fast or think: I am going to buy that shoe to beat my friends at the bar."

Directed by Submarine Channel co-founder Femke Wolting, Sneakers emphasizes the fashion and design aspects of the popular sports shoe, showing the design process and the ways that brands profile themselves on the competitive sneakers market. The film also focuses on the extraordinary shoe designers, as well as on the people who buy them and wear them.

The film mixes original footage with commercials, photos, scientific films and other film and video material, showing how brands make use of underground culture to give street cred to a pair of sneakers. Fascinating stuff.

Art direction by Alexei Tylevich (who later founded, Motion graphics by Sander Alt and Fons Schiedon.

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