on danse? by jasmine deporta

It is our passion to keep moments, coincidence, happenings, illusions, and dreams on photographs.
We are concious about the fact, that this moments will existentially never repeat again. In the blink of an eye describes a decisive moment in time that is fleeting. This moments contain reality that normally goes unseen.
We want to remember feelings we had, the atmosphere and the emotions which were dominating this situations. We want to transfer realities into totally different contexts.

In this project I was looking to express „reality“ and trying to communicate authenticity by capturing candid moments. Like it does the taxidermist who stuffs and mounts the skins of animals and creates wraps arround empty, not living bodys so that they seem still alive. Aswell to freeze and perpetuate a moment of contemporary history which unifies content and form.

I had to define where and in what way the existence, understood like an (empty) presence in the space, can be expressed, like giving shape to feelings. The aim was to create a new aestethic in order to make dead seeming material plastic, seeom vivid and rough. From the manufacturing process a new aesthetic language is created out of basic shapes and raw material.


On danse? was realized within the product design project "IL VUOTO CON LA PLASTICA INTORNO" under the direction of Prof. Andrea Maragno at Free University of Bolzano - Faculty of Art and Design 2012.


music: duoon by alva noto + ryuichi sakamoto, 1/1 by brian eno

thanks to max, tim, raphi, albert and mr. velluto

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