Brush Left Knee and Push
Needles at Sea Bottom
Iron Fan
Turn, Chop & Push

Just like in the Cheng Man Ching original, this part of the form with the first part of the Dr. Chi Variation turns us around to start moving east along the east/west axis. Dr. Chi added some postures from the Long Form that he considered were particularly good for health. In particular Needles at Sea Bottom being good for the intestines.

When playing the Needles posture, make sure that all, yes all your balance is comfortably and firmly seated in your right leg. Aim to keep your spine straight and incline from your hips. Then you just go as far as you are comfortably able. Don’t bend your spine to lean forward. Yep, this ones tough on your right leg. But don’t push yourself. Take care and work within your limit and in this way you’ll gradually build your strength.

In Iron Fan get the ‘spreading’ energy in the hands with the left palm off towards the NW diagonal and the right hand pulling back. But remember the hands are an expression of the connection of the whole body so get this feeling coming all the way from your feet upwards through your body.

Turn Chop and Push is one of the moves that crops up loads in the Long Form. It’s a very good one for coordination and I always think it’s the posture that’s most like a slow motion kung fu move with elbow, parry down, backfist (or chop), and push.

Make sure that your backfist (chop) happens to the east, not across to the side, SE or S. And initially get the chop coming off the back foot before moving forward to complete the posture with push.

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