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This is the first of several mixed climbing pitches. M5 is the Supertopo rating. I don’t mix climb that much, so I was nervous. This was evident in the amount of cams I brought….many. Ditching the pack, I racked up and was off. There was a lot of snow covering the rock, which had to be removed. I hooked and pulled my way up little by little. Having a fifi hook was nice when things got cruxy. I would fifi into the highest piece, and start excavating snow and ice to get down to rock, hook my tools onto some stupid-tiny granite crystal the size of a pencil eraser, and pull up to the next placement.

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A Green Circle Production
Filmed by: Mark and Janelle Smiley
Edited by: Mark Smiley

Making Me Nervous by Brad Sucks
Ghostwriter by RJD2
Gettysburg by Ratatat

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Mark Gwillim
Mike Immerwahr
Nicolas Payer
Laurel Fan
Gretchen Mallari
Kenny Layton
Kelly Contratto
Dave Dolph
Danny Ricciotti
Melanie Levin
Logan Marlatt
David Aaroe
Darrell Houle
Becky Sears
Cristin Julian
Jake Mutz

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