Fount (2012)
Medium: Video, stereo sound, wood & cloth surfaces
Measurements: (approx 67”w x 32”d x 60”h)

Fount is a media installation work involving video projected on two perpendicular planes with audio projected through speakers or a sound dome. When there is no viewer the piece is silent and the image is blurred. The the presence of a viewer viewer brings it into focus and makes the sound audible. On the top plane of a white pedestal (approximately bathtub scale) a horizontal basin image is projected. Centered and hanging about a foot above it is a vertical screen (36" x 14.5") on which a beaker pouring water is projected. The veiwer sees and hears water being poured into a vessel, which eventually disolves into an image of ocean. It is a short, time-based work that unfolds over an approximately 1 minute cycle. (Duration: continuous)

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