The third of three options I’ve been given. Whatever I choose, in all cases I will be submitting myself to the power of people with power, based upon Machiavellian art of war instead of knowledge of the driving forces behind the man in the machine.

If I pick the first option, I will lose myself among empty bits of information. I can create world after world, still never knowing what tomorrow brings.

If I go for number two, I can either become a real actor or, and that’s far more likely, become the fool. The knowledge of the fool is proverbial, and so is his ability to use it.

Option three means giving up everything I worked for the last ten years. As well as giving up the people I really worked for the last ten years. In the end, I haven’t been much help to them, but at least I tried. Deleting stories from the past will rip future stories from their meaning. Perhaps it will drain the power from all stories all over the world. In that case we will all fall apart. Or in the words of Antony:

Eyes are falling
Lips are falling
Hair is falling to the ground
All the world is falling, falling
Oh my mama, she's been falling
And oh my papa, he's been falling
Oh my friends, I've watched them falling
Oh the leaves, the Leaves are falling
Down in silence to the ground

But in the remaining emptiness, Antony doesn’t see destruction of the past. He is not talking about a horrible ending; he has certainly not lost the fight. This revelation is a true rapture. He ends with a prayer.

But will it be rapture to me? I’m much stronger than five years ago. Some people believe in me and sometimes I even do so myself. But I will not voluntarily fall to the ground first. I will not destroy the world I have created. But if that decision is made for me by somebody who doesn’t have a clue about who I am, I will join Antony in prayer and I will confirm: This is the rapture. Enticing spirit of what will be.

As if I had a real choice…

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