"Room Dynamics" is a multi-modal, modular composition exploring perceptual and affective states arising from the interactions of dynamic media architectures and the material architectures within which they are embedded. A site-responsive audiovisual architecture marked by 12 points of light and sound - each consisting of an incandescent light bulb and corresponding speaker - bisects the space vertically and horizontally, immersing spectators while remaining permeable.
The resulting architectural contour manifests dynamic behavioural states ranging between individual activities and collective operation, leaving a trace on its surroundings: reshaping its appearance and volume, creating movement and perspectival changes. Through the temporal development of this audiovisual architecture, supplemented by dynamic ambient lighting and tactile vibration, the gallery space is activated: making available architectural features, articulating navigable pathways, colouring and shading the experiential space through which the spectator navigates.

Filmed at Eastern Bloc gallery, Montreal, QC, June 2012.
Camera and editing: Ian Cameron

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