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I don't care if you hate it, this was fun to make since I got to play video games a lot in the process, which I normally don't have time for now. I took a break for a couple months when after I made this video.

My Favorite Games Lyrics:
New gaming systems like Nintendo Wii
XBox 360, and PlayStation 3
GameBoys, and GameCubes, everything we play
Here are a few of my favorite games:

Three Call of Duty's, those games with the shooting
Dora and Diego, what? Hey, they're cool, ¿sí?
Galaxy you fly with the Lunas through space
Bowser, get your go-kart outta the race!

I win fights more fast in the new Super Smash
In Halo 3 I'll be sure to kick your....hindquarters!
Silver Version, I caught all 150
Why can't I get past the balance test thing?

When it's rainy
When it's windy
When I'm trapped inside
I simply go into my own living room
And play my friends with Wi-Fi!

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