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Ok, I still do eat at McDonald's, but I thought I'd share with you the public's common dissings of it. I think the video itself is good, but I probably should have edited the song a bit more at least so it actually rhymed well :) (this is still better than my original version)

McDonald's is stupid and dumb, dumb.
Don't hear anyone saying yum yum.
It gives you sore bumps on your gum, gum.
What is my favorite meal? Uh, none.

There's no gas in the grill, you're eating pink raw grit.
McGriddles, moldy bread, no time to think, barfed it.
Has the health department ever investigated?
Eat one turnover-PAIN --ain --ain!

It is beef, it is fried, and it will kill you.
All the grease in the fries - look at that fat, ew!
Sewage seeps the water line; eat ice, you eat poo!
McDonald's is evil!
You're insane guy! Walk in the door it's your blunder.
Even the play place: I hope that's just a cucumber...
Big Mac and Sprite, you've ordered heart attack combo,
So with that you do not want fries.
Good bye!
Let's just go to Arby's.
Some more you die!
Let's just go to Wendy's...
Let's get Popeyes!
Somewhere else that we like
Cause MacDonald's
Is Eviiiil!

McDonald's is stupid, and dumb, dumb.
My Happy Meal toy was gun, gun.
Monopoly: nobody won one.
Would you feed all this to your son, son?

What's their next creation called?
The McMega Sandwich.
Maybe the McColossal.
It has no vitamins.
I thought I bit cow;
However, this tastes foul {fowl}!
McDonalds is evil!
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

Over 99 billion served that is bull.
They don't cook it enough; my burger just mooed!
'Course chicken sandwiches'd cock-a-doodle-doo.
McDonalds is evil!
Take seven bites - in the commode for an hour.
Nutrition facts - sodium, that's a big number.
Sugar in the McFlurry it makes you wonder:
Can I eat this and be alright?
Please just go to Arby's.
Eat more you die!
Let's just get some Wendy's...
Let's go Popeyes!
Somewhere else that we like
Cause McDonald's
Is Eviiiil!

McDonald's is stupid, and dumb, dumb.
I'd rather ingest, well, a dum-dum.
Why did we really ever come, hun?
Combos ain't cheaper; look at the sum!

How can a Quarter Pounder be the
Same weight as its double version?
It would have to be small-all-aller
Scared to say the word or-order, no more!

For goodness sakes!
Why'd I want apples and caramel
Instead of fries? What's the cause of all that bad smell?
Intestines refried, then wrapped in a dirt bread, oh well.
That's the McNuggets I just described!
Say goodbye!
Let's just go to Arby's.
Any more you die!
Can we go to Wendy's...
Let's eat Popeyes!
Somewhere else that we like
Cause McDonald's
Is Eviiiil!

Disclaimer / Copyright stuff:
Note that I do not own all the content in this video; some clips are from other people. The names used such as McDonald's, Big Mac, McFlurry, Quarter Pounder, Ronald McDonald, etc. are trademarked by McDonald's Food Cooperation. The song is property of Rihanna's songwriters and her record label. A lot of the attacks I make against McDonald's are untrue, so don't kill me.

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