"I don't really know how to begin to explain life on the road. The door opens, the key turns, the engine screams, the tires roll, the rubber burns, the scenery changes, the sky fades, the city arrives, people alive, the stage awaits, curtain call and the show goes on. Day after day after day. The show must go on." - Rosco [Onward, ETC]

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A special thanks to: Forest Woodward, Kyle Nickolite, Dana Saint, Dan Riordan, Brayden Heath, Ves Philippi and Gnarly Bay Productions.

[It's hard to believe as time passes the amount of amazing people this world connects to a single soul. While spending my days travelling the highway, I was lucky enough to come across a handful of talented and loving photographers and videographers. Some childhood friends. Some, new friends. Some...strangers, but the ones who colaborated in this video are truly my brothers! I'm am honored to have you as friends and it's so exciting to see you all together in one piece of work. Finally. Some things take a life time to build but this media family, with or without me, was bound to come together. Thank you all for your hard work and time! You are all a huge part of Onward, etc.] - Rosco

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