The Star Pilot Returns

The star pilot saga continues with 2012's "Star Pilot's Revenge!" Pick right up where the story left off and follow the Star Pilot as he continues on his mission to earn cash & kick ass!

This time around, he's not alone...

The 'Star Pilot' series is a musical sci-fi epic that blends the genres of Electronic, R&B, & Hip-hop into a great musical experience that has been well received since the debut of Star Pilot's Lament in 2011.

iTunes reviewers for Star Pilot's Lament had this to say:

"'Star Pilot's Lament' is what more music should be these days. From the second it begins, Kielen King keeps you immersed in a galactic trip complete with gun fights, space battles, and amazingly interesting relationships. The music alone tells a story, but when layered with the smooth lyrics of Kielen, that story is so gripping I couldn't stop until it's conclusion. Even then, I wanted more." -ManBearTed

"I've never heard an R&B/Sci-fi album before. Why has it taken this long? Listen to the entire album and you get a great story. Best of all, it leaves you wanting more!" -Cfought

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