Set the Canon 7D to the lowest JPG setting and did some burst mode filming.
Technicolor Cinestyle color profile + "flat" camera settings used.
Imported the images into After Effects 5 as a sequence, pushed the saturation, adjusted color curves, sharpened, duplicated the sequence (2nd copy reversed) and rendered at 12fps.

A better initial test would've likely been to move the camera less and focus on a moving subject.

- Resolution: Higher than HD, even at the lowest JPG setting.
- Gradeability: Can be pushed more than H.264/MOV before degradation.
- Global shutter: No "jello cam" effect from the rolling/electronic shutter.

- Wear-n-tear: Lots of mechanical shutter actuations.
- Staccato appearance (Not necessarily a con, depending on the desired effect. Can be smoothed with Twixtor or similar interpolation software.)

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