Winter Backpacking has got to be one of my all time favorite ODS classes at the University of Alaska Southeast. Course material covered, spans from preparing a healthy and sustainable diet in the backcountry, to checking snow stability in Southeast Alaska's highly variable climate; oh and how could i forget... you even get to sleep in your very own custom built snow shelter.

Led by backcountry aficionado and all around badass, Michael Walter, Winter Backpacking gets you aquatinted with the outdoors during what I believe to be Juneau's most action packed season!

So whether you're a seasoned backcountry vet looking to brush up on particular skills and new gear, or a complete newby looking to get your feet wet (and not frost bitten), you should definitely check out this course; you wont regret it!

Tyler Preston so graciously offered his time and energy to help me record a number of short videos for the University of Alaska Southeast. This track in particular was played on a cigar box dulcimer and this was his first and last take!

You can check out the ODS website here:

(disclaimer: the ODS site itself is a little outdated, but I can assure you that the courses and instructors are about as good as they get!)

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