We got many requests to test these four cameras next to each other. GH2 lovers will be pleased, as will the Mark III owners. We have another video that shows the remarkable ability of the Mark III to sidestep Moire and still deliver a sharp picture, where the Mark II, in our opinion is setup a little too "crisp" (not all actresses want to see the crow's feet wrinkles by their eyes) and gives you moire problems that are sometimes insurmountable. An example of this is the video ( LINK ) what our filmmakers shot during our Canon Boot Camp at the Palm Springs Photo Festival. We wanted a shot of a woman in a bed, draped with mosquito netting. The Mark III could hold sharp focus without the morie dancing during the jib arm booming up from the woman. ( see vimeo.com/44008023 )

If you'd like other tests made, please email 'info@theassociation.tv

Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 60D
Panasonic GH2

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