Inexistent Existence/ Olmayan Varoluş

There are four major elements in the world that our lives depend on. Four is a balanced number. Balance is power and power comes from balance. Sometimes we control it and sometimes it controls us.

These elements could be the world's directions: West and East, North and South. Or it could be the seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter which have a connection with natural sources; sun (fire), water, earth and air. All animals and plants, emotions and inanimate objects, energies and powers exist with balance.

Everything has its own unique blend of the four elements in it.
Everything that has substance has earth in it.
Everything that has energy has fire/sun in it.
Everything that has feelings has water.
And everything that involves sound, thinking, or commutation contains air.

Earth: Tim C J Chew
Air: Thomas Mark Capel McCann
Fire: Jennifer Taylor White
Water: Ildy Minardi
Music: Sedat Sarıcı and Suzan Beyazıt
Director: Mustafa Boga
1st Assistant Director: Michael McHugh
Director of Photography: Raffaele Giordano
Director of Photography 2: Silvio Bersani
First Camera Assistant: Jamie Burr
2nd Camera Assistant : Darren Ladbury
3rd Camera OP: Matt Dyer
Script Supervisor: Kamal Juggernauth
Proof reading and translation: Alev Adil
Art Director: Adriana Moreno
Production Assistant Supervisor: Aka
Production Assistant: Sinem Zülal Çetin
Editor: Mustafa Boga
VFX Supervisor: Mathieu Leborgne
Costumes: Nuk Phanurat
Makeup Artist: Gul Kirac
Location: Castle Gibson
Transport: Pete Gittins and Stan.
Catering: Ela Boga Migdal and Sibel Arpac
Photographer on Set: Mariann Fercsik
Production Design Supervisor: Alison Cross

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