Skin(s) Cradle, performed in Cork at the Solstice festival in The Elysian end of June 2012, is a choreography by Riikka Theresa Innanen for Isabella Oberländer addressing themes such as ormation of Identity and the idea of metamorphosis as inorganic cycle. The dance is an action of sculpting, of a on going loop of creation and shaping, of decaying and transformation, of knowing and learning.
Skin(s) Cradle is a work that places itself consciously to the context of the current social, economic and political reality of to day by bringing the visceral, fluid and intimate presence into juxtaposition with the reality of a city with it's natural rhythms, routines and linearity. This is amplified by locations, which are not purpose build for dance but empty shops or apartments, galleries with windows to the street etc.
The current economic climate in Ireland has provided a generous amount of empty business locations in the middle of the cities. We believe these dormant areas can have a second life through artistic action, using the creative and innovating thinking inherent to artist to keep the spirit alive, and for finding alternatives to revive and reinvent our civic spaces.

A body, soft, withered - a cradle formed of skin
Tentative and brisk, it emerges.
Legs, long spidery legs arching and curving, an alien form twisting and growing, responding to whims and quirks of the world we live in, before it morphs or dissolves into details of the unknown.

The dance is a cycle of metamorphosis and re-adaptations, emergence and decay of shape and identity. The simplicity of movement and metaphor - growing.

Filmed at Elysian during Solstice Festival in June 2012.

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