Testing my GoPro Hero on my favorite road. This must be what driving an Indy/Formula 1 car over the Pass would be like. Video was accelerated by 400%. No animals were injured in the making of this movie other than the ones that died on the windshield. Sorry.

Video: GoPro Hero2 (mounted by suction cup mount on front center of car hood on Lexus RX 350)
Music: Drive it Like you Stole It (by The Glitch Mob) and Speed (Crash Club Mix - Radio Edit) (by Bond)
Edit: Final Cut Pro X (output via Export Using Compressor Settings HD 720p Video Sharing) (produced a 415MB file for uploading) (the HD 1080p file was over 1GB and would have taken forever to upload).
Road: Loveland Pass, US Highway 6

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