ChimeraTV #11 features the Chimera squadron 2012. Even if we are a small garage company we give our best to not only release some good price high quality gear, but also some bad ass free Chimera episodes to entertain you.

Chimera riders / filmers (thanks for your support):
Patrick Ridder by Peter Bender & Andre Lepszy
Gabriel Hyden by Roland Kluger
Rik van Huik by Thjis Tel
Marc Moreno by Beatriz Conde-Corbal Gonzalez
Dominik Wagner & Dave Mutschall by Ben Harmanus
Mike Lilly by Joey Viola
Ben Harmanus & Kare Lindberg by Dom Wagner

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Music by
The Smashing Pumpkins
From their new album OCEANIA
Please buy this album, it's GREAT!

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