On Saturday June 16th, a group of expert kayakers embarked on a journey down a section of the South Fork of the Kings river in California. The section is officially called Horseshoe Bend but most often referred to simply as Fear And Loathing. While the run had been done plenty of times before, the available beta on it was minimal and what beta there was told of stories of potentially unrunnable, unscoutable, unportageable rapids deep within the gorge. The team decided to put on and see for themselves.

CAUTION: The water level we had that day was approximately 900cfs at Rodgers Crossing and our review of the run is based on that water level. Horseshoe bend is an extremely commiting deep gorge and at other water levels there may be rapids that you can not portage. Please venture in at your own risk.

Laura Farrell
Gareth Tate
Taylor Cavin
Willy Pell
Scott Ligare
David Maurier
Middy Tighman


Produced by: -Gareth Tate- & -Laura Farrell-

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