Rizumik is a rhythmic soul that expresses itself essentially through beatbox and percussion.

"Rhythm is all about the worlds compass. Everything exists within a cycle.
Every happening has its own timing and every action its own beat. I try to feel that clearly as time goes by.

I need to communicate the rhythm that i feel and that runs in my veins. It's like a language...
It comes out naturally, without much effort. It's a true and natural way of communication.

In this music, and in this video, we transmit energy, and fast changes.
We like to think of it as a conscious disorder of balance, as things go up and down...
It's the white and the black... the good and the bad... the yin and the yang. Contrast."

Tiago Grade (RIZUMIK)


Direction, Concept & Idea:
Tokyo o'Clock

Art Direction:
Tokyo o'Clock, Sebastian Murra(MU!) & Javier Verdugo

3D Animation:
Sebastian Murra(MU!) & Javier Verdugo

Tokyo o'Clock

Camera Operators:
Tokyo o'Clock, Pedro Strelkow & Fernando Akira

Tiago Grade (RIZUMIK)

Audio Mixing:
Frederico C. Costa


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