This is the first/draft version of "The School of Angels" ( featuring alternate voiceover, coloring and ending.

Plot: Upon graduation, an angel receives a briefing about his mission on Earth.


< Higher ranking angel / teacher >

Step forward.

Congratulations for getting this far.

This briefing is crucial for the completion of the tasks you shall be dealing with.

You shall undergo incredible shifts in surroundings, frequencies, pressure and data streaming.

You shall start with number 3. This watch will let you know when your number grows and let you identify your kind and their numbers. If you look at a higher or similar number the watches’ screen will appear blurry, as you see mine now. If it’s a similar number and if you’ll get to know better the watches’ owner, the number will start to get clear.

This is unlike other watches you will encounter because you shall be confronted with another type of time. One that is measured in things called moments. It may feel unnatural but try to sync with it. Another perhaps bizzare aspect will be the navigation of a vehicle called body, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Blend in, look after the people around you, and, after reaching higher numbers, people from everywhere.

You must spread our message through any means possible. Shortly after you will reach your position, the message will be given to you, and from then on your mission starts.

Know you are ready and there is no turning back. Now go !

< Mother >

I love you!

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