This is the story of one woman's journey to bring hope to the hurting and the broken.

"Cancer is a thief." It can take opportunity, future, and life from a person. It doesn't discriminate or pick favorites with it's victims. It doesn't look at age, or sex, or race, it effects everyone, whether personally or by relation. But while cancer can attempt to break the spirits of its victims there is one thing cancer can never take: hope.

On August 17th my dear and close friend Kristin Gray will embark on a journey, a 3 day-60 mile journey, to help bring hope to those who are and have suffered from breast cancer. This video is to help share some of her journey thus far and how you can help her and become an advocate of hope as well. Check out her site, , for more information.

This is the story of our journey to bring hope.

Music: Switchfoot, "Restless"
Produced and Distribution: Atlantic Records.

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