Directed by Speck / Gordon
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Meet Gary. He's an ordinary guy. Or rather, he was an ordinary guy until Speck/Gordon and Mother showed up. In their new spot announcing that the geniuses at can save you £1000 on your household bills, the duo show you just how much better your life could be with what can only be called a touch of price comparison magic.

When you've saved so much money on your bills, you're bound to feel nothing short of epic. Which is exactly what happens to Gary when saves him £1000. In fact, Gary feels so epic that his whole life suddenly becomes at least 1000% more awesome. Speck/Gordon use their comedy skills to transform him into a wispy-haired superstar of his very own 80s detective show in the style of Magnum P.I, 'The £1000 Man', with a catchy theme tune to match. He gets to do all sorts of cool things like blowing up buildings whilst wearing a squirrel costume, fighting ninjas and breaking into a bad-guy filled bank vault with only a credit card, all because he's £1000 richer.

The full spot also comes in the format of 20-second extended versions of the vignettes featured in the montage, showing all the areas you can save money in from home insurance and credit cards to car insurance. Which you'll be glad you have, because you never know, someone like Gary might just end up setting your car on fire.

Shot in Los Angeles in full retro glory by DoP Jess Hall, who has worked with Speck/Gordon on many of their commercials and features, the spot has all the top-notch action and smart humour you'd expect from Josh and Will. A cool 80s-style montage was put together by Cut + Run and a saturated VHS-inspired look was achieved by The Mill. Doesn't it all make being sensible with money seem so much more fun?

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