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Designer Christien Meindertsma rose to fame quickly with her book PIG 05049, developed  in 2007. The book is an extensive collection of photographic images that catalogue an astounding array of products of which various parts of a single pig were utilized in the production process.
With her designs Christien Meindertsma aims to revive the understanding of production processes that often have become so distant to our modern, industrialized world.   
For her 2003 graduation project at the Eindhoven Design Academy  Christien Meinderstma created “One-sheep-sweaters” with the intention of forging authentic relationships between the product and the consumer.  
Currently Christien is working on a project with Flax, a plant of strong Dutch origins. For this project she has followed the process of flax cultivation and has proceeded to buy a whole flax harvest from the plot of a Dutch farmer in the Flevopolder region.

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