Written & Performed by Matthew Politoski

Shot & Cut by Austin Abbott


Today I woke to find myself
An orchestra with broken bells
And the sounds I made, they could have come from hell
Because hell is a place that I have found
Inside myself, not underground
And it all comes out when I open my mouth
Because I’ve held notes with a chorus of thieves
And I’ve begged for mercy on hollow knees
So when I say
I’ll change my ways
It’s a promise that I will not keep

I saw heaven with my own eyes
In a dream I had late last night
But it slipped away with the morning’s light
So now I curse the rising day
As it pours into my painted grave
That crown fire cleanses everything
And the civil war has found itself
Brand new grounds on which to dwell
My heart and mind
Through space and time
On the fringes of my fragile shell

Impart to me
Everything that I do not deserve to see
Please extended the vision you have given me
Purge my greed and I will be the sea
Despite my doubt
I will travel toward my fears and live them out
And stand up to the demons that I’ve kept around
Through ups and downs, I will watch them drown

In mercy’s arms what I have learned
Is that I don’t get quite what I deserve
It seems that I am measured on a curve
And all I’ve claimed to know of love
Are fruitless words from a foolish tongue
It’s nothing I can really speak of
Because I was not there when the stars were hung
And I did not arrange the moon or the sun
So who am I?
What silly pride
To think I am someone

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