The agency Sverige AB contacted us regarding a commercial that would bring forth the mascot of Naturskyddsföreningen, the peregrine falcon, and at the same time inspire people to join Naturskyddsföreningen. First we planned filming the peregrine falcon, but that was impossible in Sweden and the budget did not make it able to go abroad. Instead we went down to the south of Sweden and filmed as much swedish nature we could during four long days and then we let our friends at Fido show off their skills in creating CG birds. And what a great job they made. So the nature is for real, the bird is CG in every shot. Hard to tell right?

Production Company: Visual Art
Director: Marcus Lundin
Exec. Producer: Jörgen Lilja
Prod. coordinator: Adam Kuylenstierna
DoP: John Strandh
Mini-Heli operator: Björn Olin, Olin Design Teknik
Editing: Marcus Lundin
Grading: Rickard Ahlbäck, The Line
The Peregrine Falcon: Fido Film (See specified credits below)
2D: Peter Blomstrand, Erik Lindgren, Visual Art
Sound: RedPipe
Music: Deportees - The Doctor In Me

Credits Fido
Creative Director: Kaj Steveman
Producer: Claes Dietmann
VFX- och Animation Supervisor: Cameron Scott
Modelling Supervisor: Magnus Ericsson
Modelling: Björn Arvidsson
Texturing: Joakim Eriksson, Marcus Forsberg
Lookdev: Joakim Eriksson, Anders Nyman
Fur & Feathers: Anders Nyman
Rigging: Cameron Scott, Anders Nyman
Animation: Cameron Scott, Staffan Linder
Light & Render: Anders Nyman, Björn Liljequist
Comp: Martin Borell, Pontus Albrecht, Daniel Norlund
Photoshop: Marcus Forsberg

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