In this case of our studio's agenda, my objective was specifically an energy-driven design with the starting point being a power source, animated by the potentials of salt as resource and out-at-sea deployment. It was always meant to produce more than it consumes, a culmination of conservation, filling in the gap in the urban operating system. Continuing that, the proposal revolves around the development of a prototypical unit, which moves across the aquatic territories of Barcelona, yet moves seemingly on its own.

It's propulsion is the wind, it's battery is a salt-fresh chemical cataclysm, it's generator a simple piezoelectric bimorph energy harvester, and it's guide a control center at the Estany de cal Tet in Llobregat's marshland. Working essentially on the parameters of wind speed, direction and a feedback inverse rotation mechanism, it is parametric in the sense that it is dynamically-oriented in both program and form. Nymphaeaceae acts on two levels; as a singular unit, and as a collective. It is not a notion of imposition, it is an environment that succumbs to its surroundings.

NYMPHAEACEAE by Seif El-Din Shawki

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